5 steps in the Cycle of Evolution

April 25th, 2013

We do live a constant evolution. Why are we attached to our past? How does our past serve us? Where are we going? Where are we, here and now?

Christelle has explored different cultures and traditions, traveling through the five continents, visiting forty countries, and teaching in more than twenty of them. She followed her inner guidance, and wisdom grew with each experience. On her path of awakening, she created the DHARMI Cycle of Evolution©.

The Cycle of Evolution© consists of 5 steps that invite us to transcend our experiences and continue to evolve with consciousness and freedom.

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Every step in the Cycle of Evolution is important. If we skip Step 3, we will continue our karmic path in duality. If we skip Step 4, it will be difficult to communicate and relate with our surroundings. If we stay in Step 1, we touch only the secondary aspect of our stress but we do not touch the cause, or primary aspect discovered in Step 2. If we forget Step 5, we won’t have the opportunity to manifest our intention and integrate it into our relationships and life.

The DHARMI Cycle of Evolution© allows us to receive the wisdom from our experiences so that we can transcend them with consciousness and intention. When we practice the Cycle of Evolution regularly, we move through life with wisdom, consciousness, purpose and abundance.


Written by:  Christelle Chopard

Copyright 2012