Meditation - Flow of creative energy through the 5 elements

January 21st, 2014

The Cycle of Creativity is one of the fundamental aspect in the DHARMI®Map of Transcendence. 

You will be guided through the five fundamental energies within you, to clarify, the flow and allow a space of integrity, balance, abundance:  

- AIR, the psychological aspect, which includes the breath, mind, core beliefs and thoughts. 

- FIRE, the active, energetic aspect, which includes feelings, actions, behavior, muscle memory

- WATER, the emotional body, which considers the emotions, perception, sensitivity, emotional memory, and emotional intelligence

- EARTH, the physical aspect, in which we find the vital energy, organization, matter, discipline, prosperity

- ETHER, the spiritual aspect, a sense of wholeness, integrity, the life force, inspiration, vibration of energy

It is a 20 minute meditation, through which you will find peace and nurture yourself in a holistic way.

May it be an enlightening practice that inspires you to practice regularly from the comfort of your home.


Christelle Chopard