Dealing with Separation

April 25th, 2013

Dealing with Separation

In this Podcast I share with you some insights and tools on how to deal with separation.

First, I would like to mention that sometimes when I work with people who are passing through a difficult time in their relationship, they discover that they actually have to divorce an ego, or traumatic impulsive reaction pattern, to allow a new cycle in their relationship. This personal change brings more peace and love in their marriage.

Sometimes, when people get closer to their own heart center and true self in the moment, they can drift apart from their partner. In other cases, it brings both people closer to each other. We are always three in a relationship: you, your partner, and a destiny or mystery that we can call love. When a relationship is based on ego, fear, or attachment, there is no space for god, for love.A separation often brings a state of grieving, for an illusion, a dream, a belief, or a conflict. Many people lose their center and values through relationship difficulties and separations. When we find a way to empower the connection to our heart, it is possible to build a healthy, balanced relationship with ourselves, and discover a new level of confidence in relationships with others.

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Christelle Chopard